To raise living standards of the people of the Region, especially the poor, vulnerable and excluded by providing and maintaining basic services and facilities in the area of Health Education, good Sanitation and other social amenities.The department of Environmental Health And Sanitation served letters to organizations in the environs of the GARCC to clean and […]


The Department had 3 outreach programmes on Child Protection and its related Issues and I WILL Champaign.These activities took place at Mallam, Tesano.The sensitization focused on Child Protection issues with the aid of adolescent toolkits.Some of the flash cards were used Praising in public,Children watching pornographic films in the house,Stealing,Safe space to talk about sensitive issues,Sakawa/internet […]

Assessment of spaces for library Facility

The Regional Director(Ag) went on an official trip to New Ningo to assess the Maya Abou-Jaoude Memorial Library on  May 2024.The Ghana Library Authority is considering adopting the library and adding it to the network of libraries in the Greater Accra Region.During the quarter under review the Regional Director(Ag.) embarked on assessment of spaces earmarked […]

Community Garden at Frafraha SHS

The regional department of agriculture under the Greater Accra Coordinating Council is one of the 16 regional departments of agriculture in Ghana. As its mandate is to monitor and supervise agricultural activities in the region as well as offer technical backstopping.The district offices  conducted awareness campaigns and facilitated the identification and registration of farmers and […]


The department of Children had a School engagement at Atchor International School at Alajo.The students were taken through Child Protection Issues and Adolescent issues. The student who participated were one hundred and six (106) which consisted of forty-seven (47) male students, fifty-six (56) female students and three (3) teachers.


The Regional Veterinary Office is headed by a Deputy Director of Veterinary and supported by Veterinary Technologist and administrative Officers coordinating and monitoring the work of all veterinary para-professionals in the region.As part of the meat inspection procedure and to provide safe meat for human consumption and protect public health all organs with any pathological […]

Landscape Construction And Maintenance

The Greater Accra Regional Parks and Gardens Office manages the activates of the region and monitors and supports the activities of the District Parks and Gardens offices.This seeks to promote landscape construction in Greater Accra’s cities, towns and individual homes which seek to preserve nature and livability of urban centres in addition to modern architecture. […]


The Social Welfare Department payed the Eighty-eighth (88th) LEAP cycle to MMDAs at pay point within the region. A team from the Regional office went round to supervise payment. LEAP is a conditional and unconditional cash transfer programme for extreme poor households to cushion the vulnerable against livelihood shocks. The eligibility criteria are the aged (65 […]

Sensitization on Child Protection toolkits.

The Department of Community Development did a presentation on the Child Protection Community Facilitation Toolkits during a two – day training for some religious leaders in the Region organised by the Department of Children, Regional office. The two-day training brought together chiefs and queen mothers, Christian and Islamic leaders to deliberate on ways to utilise […]