The National Youth Authority in partnership with GIZ organised a three (3) day workshop on digital business for young entreprenueurs at the city Escape Hotel, in the  Greater Accra Region, to ensure effective coordination and collaboration in sustainable youth development service in Ghana, and also creating growth to enhance employment prospects, Training and income-generating opportunities.

The NYA Regional Director and GIZ representatives welcomed the participants to the venue, and also issued the participants TCL tablet and soft copy which was related to the training.

The participants were also introduced to strategic online campaign and also a PowerPoint presentation on how to start a small business as a young entrepreneur.

The concept and rationale behind the training programme was considering the growing need for technological advancements all over the world and the need for developing countries to catch up with the rest of the world. Adequate learning materials were provided, conducive lecture and practical rooms were also available to enhance learning. The participant were also motivated when they saw very young lecturers. This has encouraged them to aspire to greater heights because they were very articulate and were on top of the models taught. 

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