The Office of the Greater Accra Regional Co-ordinating Council as a government institution, is committed to serving and supporting the public to build resilience through community level support systems to provide cancer related education and sensitization whiles preventing stigmatization and exclusion of cancer infected person and by extension, their families.

In this cancer awareness month and the important aspect of client appreciation, the Regional Coordinating Council wish to express its sincere   gratitude and candidly acknowledges the trust and support given towards creating awareness on this life-threatening disease. Your constant feedback, engagements, and active participation in all aspect of cancer awareness programmes are vital in shaping policies, programmes and services. We truly appreciate all your hard work, your continued partnership and collaboration in our efforts at preventing, managing, or curing this disease that concerns all of us.

Again, we work together as a community to raise awareness during Cancer Awareness Month, support those affected and infected, and work sustainably towards a future free from the burden of cancer. As a government institution, we are committed to promoting good health, well-being, and access to quality care for all our citizens. Cancer affects countless lives, and its impact can be devastating. We stand in solidarity with all those who have been affected in one way or the other by this disease – the survivors, patients, caregivers, and families. Your strength and resilience inspire us, and we are committed to supporting you throughout the journey of effective management of the disease and its emotional distress.

This month, we encourage everyone to educate themselves, family members and co-workers about cancer prevention, early detection, and the available support systems including resources, cancer associations, health facilities and other Not for Profit organisations. The Regional Coordinating Council is actively working in close collaboration with the Regional Health Directorate towards providing accessible healthcare services, advocating for cancer research, screening, and implementing policies that prioritize the well-being of our citizens.

Together, let us raise awareness of cancer to prevent needless suffering, premature deaths, and work towards a healthier future.

Leave no one behind in cancer awareness creation.


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