The Management of Citi FM and Citi TV on Thursday organized an inauguration ceremony at Tokpo in the Shai – Osudoku District to build a resettlement center for the Akosombo dam spillage victims.

As part of their social–economic responsibilities, the media house announced that the project, when completed, will be put in the care of the District Assembly headed by the Chief Executive Hon. Fred Offei.

In his welcome address, the DCE of Shai- Osudoku District Hon. Fred Offei thanked the management of Citi FM and Citi TV and all stakeholders for making sure this dream is now a reality.

He further stated that Shai-Osudoku is grateful for this kind gesture and also used the opportunity to call for investors to consider investing in the district, especially in Tokpo.

In concluding his speech, he cautioned the Chiefs and people of Tokpo to utilize the facility for its intended purpose and make sure it is properly managed by the people.

He said the shelter is meant for the water spillage victims to be used as their safe havens in these difficult times of their life and when the water recedes, they leave for the various homes. The building will then be converted into classrooms for the Tokpo Basic School.

The National Disaster Management Organization Deputy Director Mr. Seji Saji also thanked all stakeholders and Citi FM/ Citi TV for this initiative. He said NADMO is also working hard to make sure relief items are delivered to all the affected nine (9) sub-districts in the Volta region and Shai–Osudoku.

The District Education Director Madam Harriet Lomotey also thanked all stakeholders especially Citi FM/Citi TV for the kind gesture because since the incident started students in Tokpo have been staying home since their classrooms have been turned into safe havens for flood victims. She further stated that the Education Directorate is trying to introduce an innovative way to impart knowledge to students while at home.

The managing Director of Citi FM/Citi TV Mr. Samuel Atta Mensah said when this water spillage started, they were thinking of how they would be of help to the victims. They decided to build the shelter to help support the safe havens for the victims since it wasn’t enough to house them. So, they secured land from the chiefs and people of Tokpo for the project. The chiefs and people of Tokpo donated 1 acre of land for the project and for that, they are also very grateful. The duration for the project is one month according to the project supervisor.

The operations manager for Supa Cement Mr. Kojo Arthur who was at the ceremony explained why his company supported the project with 1000 bags of cement, saying it is for a good course. Supacem also donated Twenty thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc20,000) as the cost of labor for the workers who will be working on the project. It also donated relief items and cash of Five thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc5, 000) to chiefs and people of Tokpo to be shared among the victims.

The Assemblyman for the Tokpo electoral area Hon. Israel Kweku Animle also played a key role in making sure victims got to the safe haven and received relief items.

A team from VRA was on hand to give the current situation and the way forward as well as their future projections.

The sod-cutting ceremony was moderated by Citi TV’s Umaru Sanda Amadu who is a native of the district. It had in attendance dignitaries including the DCE for Shai-Osudoku Hon. Fred Offei, The National NADMO Deputy Director Mr. Seji Saji, The Managing Director of Citi FM Mr. Samuel Atta Mensah, The Operations Manager of Supa Cement Mr. Kojo Arthur, and District Education Director for SODA Madam Harriet Lomotey, AG. District Health Director Mrs. Catherine Klutse, A team from the Volta River Authority, The Presiding Member for SODA Hon. Noah Sabutey, The District NADMO Director for SODA Mr. Nana Kwame Asante, the Assemblyman Tokpo electoral area Hon.Israel Kweku Animle and others.

The ceremony was opened with the pouring of libation from the traditional Authorities, followed by the sod cutting with all the major stakeholders holding the shovel to break ground for the project to start.

The key liaison between Citi FM and the community, Umaru Sanda Amadu thanked all the various stakeholders for making the ceremony successful and making sure the victims got the needed support.


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