Greater Accra Regional Parks and Gardens in collaboration with Aya Green

The Greater Accra Regional Parks and Gardens Office is thus taking steps to provide assistance to MMDAs in the clearing weeds off the road medians, preparation of landscape budgets, seeking for sponsorship, setting-up of nurseries and landscaping of road medians. The office is also providing assistance in the engagement of IGF staff to support the work. Collaboration with Aya Green in the celebration of “World Zero Emissions Day”. The Department in partnership with Aya Green, Jakora Ventures, Sekoe Chocolate and A&C mall on 21st September 2023, gave away over 130 plants (curry plant, mint, rose Mary, oregano, coconut, tangerine, mango) and chocolate to the public while creating awareness on the need to reduce carbon emissions at the A& C mall at East Legon. The programme was aired on Adom TV and Unique FM.

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