The Social Welfare Department payed the Eighty-eighth (88th) LEAP cycle to MMDAs at pay point within the region. A team from the Regional office went round to supervise payment. LEAP is a conditional and unconditional cash transfer programme for extreme poor households to cushion the vulnerable against livelihood shocks. The eligibility criteria are the aged (65 years and above) without subsistence support, orphans and vulnerable children through their caregivers, persons with severe disabilities without productive capacity and pregnant women and or mothers with infants below one year. It is conditional on households to register children below 12 months with the birth’s registry, ensure children below 5 years periodically undergo growth monitoring and immunization, enroll and retain children of school going age in public schools, ensure children are not engaged in worst forms of child labour, national health insurance registration for LEAP household members. LEAP promotes income security and social inclusion for poor households. Further with the introduction of the GhIPSS e-zwich payment system financial inclusion is promoted among the household caregivers. However, there are 11,087 beneficiaries within 29 districts in the Greater Accra Region. Within this quarter, five district were monitored during the LEAP.It was a successful and payments were with few challenges which are being addressed. 

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