Regional Minister Urges MMDAs to Step up Their Duties

The Greater Accra Minister, Hon, Henry Quartey, has charged all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the region to step up their duties to ensure that the region is productive and well-maintained.

According to him, the revamping of the work ethics of the MMDAs would ensure the achievement of the “Let’s Make Greater Accra Work” agenda.

The Minister gave the advice during the meeting with Assembly of all MMDAs in Accra, numbering 621, to discuss key issues of importance to improving the state of the region, as well as to formally inform the MMDAs of his strategies to make Greater Accra work.

He urged Assemblies to organize general assembly meetings to revitalize, institute and enforce by-laws to protect the health and safety of citizens.

He stressed the need for laws to be enforced to ensure that all motorcycle riders adhered to all road regulations. He said he expected that before next week Monday by-laws should be in place to ensure that all motorcycle riders obey all traffic laws, wear helmets, ensure that a maximum of two people are on the motorcycle at any given time and that all motorists obey traffic signals.

He further called for by-laws to be placed to ensure that operation “Clean Your Frontage” geared towards ensuring that the surrounding of homes, offices, markets and building were clean, was enforced. He charged all MMDAs to ensure that they enforced the law as the success of the operation would aid in making Accra and Ghana cleaner.

Hon. Quartey also advised assembly members to educate their communities on the need to refrain from up businesses in unauthorized places as they would be removed as a part of the decongestion exercise ongoing in the region.

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