Signing of the Performance Agreement Contract in the Greater Accra Region

Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) and their respective Metropolitan, Municipal and District Coordinating Directors (MMDCDs) in the Greater Accra Region have signed the Performance Agreement Contracts.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister in his statement mentioned that the key mechanism in the implementation of a Performance Management system is to achieve targets or set goals.

The contract is therefore a tool to ensure that public servants know exactly what is expected of them.

He added that, the Performance Contract is a way of identifying unsatisfactory performance and finding ways of addressing them.

There is the need for both MMDCEs and Coordinating directors to be supportive of each other in order to achieve their goals.

It is his wish that when the league table is set, Greater Accra Region will take the lead.

In conclusion, the Regional Minister advised the MMDCEs and Coordinating directors to work with their hearts irrespective of their political affiliations.

The Head of Service, Dr. Callistus Mahama in his speech said, peace in Greater Accra means there is peace in Ghana.

He added that, Greater Accra has a lot of challenges which includes pressure on structures as well as resources.

Furthermore, he urged coordinating directors to be politically neutral and support the government of the day.

Coordinating directors must continue to show commitment to their MMDCEs.

MMDCEs must show interest in what their staff do. There is therefore the need to supervise all staff. These include those in the central administration as well as the decentralised departments.

MMDCEs must also demonstrate leadership as well as assist staff with the minimum resources they need to work effectively and efficiently.

Customer service initiatives – the public resort to the radio stations because they do not know who to contact when they come to the assemblies, the Head of Service in his conclusion expressed the necessity for the establishment of client service units to address concerns from the public.


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