The Regional Office Team undertook Monitoring and Follow Up Visits to the La-Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly in the Region as part of their activities featured in the 2023 Action Plan.

It also gave the Monitoring Team the opportunity to discuss the format of the Quarterly Report, the challenges they face in the discharge of their duties and provided technical support to staff in the areas needed.  

During the Quarter, the Monitoring Team joined the staff of Madina to sensitise the entire Madina Market through the Market Information System on Customer service and satisfaction.

The staff took the audience through who a customer is, the importance of customer satisfaction and what the customer is always right means the, the staff-presenter advised the traders to put up a smiley face at all times, learn how to tolerate and endure some attitudes of their buyers, offer help when possible. She continued that if they are able to do all of that and more they would be able to sell their items to most buyers by themselves and through referrals from satisfied customers.Staffs of the community development unit sentitising the entire Madina market through the information system on customer satisfaction


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