Working visit of the Regional Director, Parks and Gardens to all MMDAs in the Region.

The Region has visited 10 MMDAs so far and that includes, La Nkwantanang, Adenta, Krowor, Ledzokuku, La Dadekotopon, Okaikwei North, Ayawaso Central, Weija-Gbawe, Ga South and Ga West. Provide technical backstopping in the preparation of quarterly reports, Inspect ongoing activities of MMDAs

Most of the MMDAs do not have staff and even those with staff were highly inadequate. Nevertheless some MMDAs were discovered to be doing quite well with regards to the mandate of the Parks and Gardens Unit. La Nkwantanang and Ga West were excelling well in landscaping even though Ga West earnestly needed assistance with tools and equipment.

We took the opportunity to meet some few of the MCEs to discuss issues of the Parks and Gardens units and made some recommendations for improvement. 


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